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  - I have just moved in. The water supply is disconnected. What should I do ?
  We suspend the water supply if the property remains empty, following closure of an account. An engineer must visit the property to re-connect the supply. To arrange this, simply contact your Customer Service Centre: a Customer Adviser will arrange an immediate on-site operation (with an appointment if necessary) so that an engineer can come and re-connect the water supply.
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  - How can I find out whether there is lead in my system ?
  In the public system, regulations require that all pipes made of lead are replaced by 2013.
In a private system :
- If your property was built prior to 1989, it may be that the internal pipework still contains lead. Contact your plumber who will investigate and if necessary tell you about the process to follow.
- If your property was built after 1989, there is no risk that it has lead pipes since lead has been banned since 1989.
  - I want to have a house built. What are the procedures for arranging a water supply ?
  In order to connect you to the supply, our engineer must visit your home to draw up a free quote that will be sent to you within eight days. After your quote has been accepted, the works will be carried out on a date agreed with you, taking into account the time needed to obtain the administrative and municipal authorisations. The cost for connecting to the drinking water supply depends mainly on the nature of the land and the complexity of the works to be carried out.
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The meter  
  - How can I be certain that the meter is working properly ?
  To check if your meter is working properly, carry out a test using a 15 or 20 litre bucket with a measuring scale: ensure that all your taps are off, then fill the bucket. The consumption indicated on your meter should correspond to the quantity of water in the bucket.
  - Why are the meters being changed ?
  The water meter is a measuring device that is used to record the volume of your water consumption. Its primary capacity is to be reliable. But after fifteen years, this reliability can be affected depending on the type of meter and/or the water quality. It then needs to be replaced. Veolia replaces the meter in accordance with a renewal plan, there is no need to ask for it to be changed.
  - Will I be charged for replacing the meter ?

As part of the contract agreed between Veolia Eau and the public authority, the consumer is not charged for the meter replacement. The consumer can only be invoiced for meters replaced due to an incident for which the customer is responsible (frozen meter, broken meter).

  - I want to move my meter. What should I do ?
  Requests to move meters must be made by the owner of the property, or even the architect in the case of a building. Our engineer will visit your home to draw up a free quote. The owner will be responsible for paying for moving the meter.
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  - What are the procedures to follow to provide individual water supply contracts ?
  The Solidarité et Renouvellement Urbains (French Solidarity and Urban Renewal) act of 13 December 2000, the single owner/landlord or the trustee appointed by the majority of co-owners is responsible for requesting individual water supply contracts for properties within apartment buildings and housing developments.
There are five stages in requesting individual contracts: :
1) The owner sends a preliminary application for individual contracts (including a technical file which includes the detailed plan of the pipes, properties supplied, etc.) by registered mail.
2) Veolia Eau indicates whether the conditions have been satisfied and if necessary specifies additional works to be carried out, within four months of the date the full application is received.
3) The owner informs the tenants or co-owners of the nature and technical and financial consequences of individual contracts, before confirming the application.
4) The owner confirms his request and conducts the surveys and works necessary for individual contracts: equipment compliance, installation of meters.
5) Veolia Eau prepares individual contracts, within two months from the date the application confirmation is received from the owner.
  - I've heard about a new remote meter reading technique.
  What is it ?

Radio-relevé (radio-reading) is in fact a modern system for reading water meters which has been implemented at the instigation of Veolia Eau and the public authority. In municipalities where radio-reading is available, you can monitor your consumption accurately over the internet (by month or day). In the event of over-consumption due to a leak, you will notice straight away and not when you receive your bill.
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